18.10. Versões do FreeBSD 4

Tabela 18.10. Valores do __FreeBSD_version para o FreeBSD 4
4000004304122 de janeiro de 19994.0-CURRENT after 3.4 branch
4000014417720 de fevereiro de 19994.0-CURRENT after change in dynamic linker handling
4000024469913 de março de 19994.0-CURRENT after C++ constructor/destructor order change
4000034505927 de março de 19994.0-CURRENT after functioning dladdr(3)
400004453215 de abril de 19994.0-CURRENT after __deregister_frame_info dynamic linker bug fix (also 4.0-CURRENT after EGCS 1.1.2 integration)
4000054611327 de abril de 19994.0-CURRENT after suser(9) API change (also 4.0-CURRENT after newbus)
4000064764031 de maio de 19994.0-CURRENT after cdevsw registration change
4000074799217 de junho de 19994.0-CURRENT after the addition of so_cred for socket level credentials
4000084804820 de junho de 19994.0-CURRENT after the addition of a poll syscall wrapper to libc_r
4000094893620 de julho de 19994.0-CURRENT after the change of the kernel's dev_t type to struct specinfo pointer
4000105164925 de setembro de 19994.0-CURRENT after fixing a hole in jail(2)
4000115179129 de setembro de 19994.0-CURRENT after the sigset_t datatype change
4000125316415 de novembro de 19994.0-CURRENT after the cutover to the GCC 2.95.2 compiler
400013541234 de dezembro de 19994.0-CURRENT after adding pluggable linux-mode ioctl handlers
4000145621618 de janeiro de 20004.0-CURRENT after importing OpenSSL
4000155670027 de janeiro de 20004.0-CURRENT after the C++ ABI change in GCC 2.95.2 from -fvtable-thunks to -fno-vtable-thunks by default
4000165752927 de fevereiro de 20004.0-CURRENT after importing OpenSSH
4000175800513 de março de 20004.0-RELEASE
4000185817017 de março de 20004.0-STABLE after 4.0-RELEASE
400019600475 de maio de 20004.0-STABLE after the introduction of delayed checksums.
400020612624 de junho de 20004.0-STABLE after merging libxpg4 code into libc.
400021628208 de julho de 20004.0-STABLE after upgrading Binutils to 2.10.0, ELF branding changes, and tcsh in the base system.
4100006309514 de julho de 20004.1-RELEASE
4100016401229 de julho de 20004.1-STABLE after 4.1-RELEASE
4100026596216 de setembro de 20004.1-STABLE after setproctitle(3) moved from libutil to libc.
4110006633625 de setembro de 20004.1.1-RELEASE
411001  4.1.1-STABLE after 4.1.1-RELEASE
4200006806631 de outubro de 20004.2-RELEASE
4200017089510 de janeiro de 20014.2-STABLE after combining libgcc.a and libgcc_r.a, and associated GCC linkage changes.
430000738006 de março de 20014.3-RELEASE
4300017677918 de maio de 20014.3-STABLE after wint_t introduction.
4300028015722 de julho de 20014.3-STABLE after PCI powerstate API merge.
440000809231 de agosto de 20014.4-RELEASE
4400018534123 de outubro de 20014.4-STABLE after d_thread_t introduction.
440002860384 de novembro de 20014.4-STABLE after mount structure changes (affects filesystem klds).
4400038813018 de dezembro de 20014.4-STABLE after the userland components of smbfs were imported.
4500008827120 de dezembro de 20014.5-RELEASE
4500019120324 de fevereiro de 20024.5-STABLE after the usb structure element rename.
4500029215112 de março de 20024.5-STABLE after locale changes.
450003  (Never created)
4500049484016 de abril de 20024.5-STABLE after the sendmail_enable rc.conf(5) variable was made to take the value NONE.
4500059555527 de abril de 20024.5-STABLE after moving to XFree86 4 by default for package builds.
450006958461 de maio de 20024.5-STABLE after accept filtering was fixed so that is no longer susceptible to an easy DoS.
4600009792321 de junho de 20024.6-RELEASE
4600019873021 de junho de 20024.6-STABLE sendfile(2) fixed to comply with documentation, not to count any headers sent against the amount of data to be sent from the file.
46000210036619 de julho de 20024.6.2-RELEASE
4601009885726 de junho de 20024.6-STABLE
4601019888026 de junho de 20024.6-STABLE after MFC of `sed -i'.
4601021027591 de setembro de 20024.6-STABLE after MFC of many new pkg_install features from the HEAD.
4700001046558 de outubro de 20024.7-RELEASE
4701001047179 de outubro de 20024.7-STABLE
47010110673210 de novembro de 2002Start generated __std{in,out,err}p references rather than __sF. This changes std{in,out,err} from a compile time expression to a runtime one.
47010210975323 de janeiro de 20034.7-STABLE after MFC of mbuf changes to replace m_aux mbufs by m_tag's
47010311088714 de fevereiro de 20034.7-STABLE gets OpenSSL 0.9.7
48000011285230 de março de 20034.8-RELEASE
4801001131075 de abril de 20034.8-STABLE
48010111523222 de maio de 20034.8-STABLE after realpath(3) has been made thread-safe
48010211873710 de agosto de 20034.8-STABLE 3ware API changes to twe.
49000012159227 de outubro de 20034.9-RELEASE
49010012159327 de outubro de 20034.9-STABLE
4901011242648 de janeiro de 20044.9-STABLE after e_sid was added to struct kinfo_eproc.
4901021254174 de fevereiro de 20044.9-STABLE after MFC of libmap functionality for rtld.
49100012970025 de maio de 20044.10-RELEASE
4911001299181 de junho de 20044.10-STABLE
49110113350611 de agosto de 20044.10-STABLE after MFC of revision 20040629 of the package tools
49110213778616 de novembro de 20044.10-STABLE after VM fix dealing with unwiring of fictitious pages
49200013896017 de dezembro de 20044.11-RELEASE
49210013895917 de dezembro de 20044.11-STABLE
49210115784318 de abril de 20064.11-STABLE after adding libdata/ldconfig directories to mtree files.

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